3. Student Learning Map

  • Topic:Community Helpers
  • Subject(s):Social Studies
  • Days:10
  • Grade(s):K
Key Learning: Learning about various community helpers allows me to gain respect and understanding of their roles.
Unit Essential Question(s):
How do community helpers contribute to our lives?
Concept: Jobs and Duties
Concept: Rules
Lesson Essential Question(s):

What qualities should a community helper have?


What are examples of people who enforce rules and laws in our community?


Do community helpers have absolute power?

Lesson Essential Question(s):

Why is it necessary for community helpers to enforce rules?


Do rules apply differently to community helpers?

Lesson Essential Question(s):
Additional Information:

(Note: Holidays and Cultural Observances may be taught based on their calendar occurance dates. See Spotlight on Social Studies on the PCSB website.)

Role play an emergency situation and 911 phone call, community helper guest speakers, field trip to a public service office, web site: www.nfpa.org/FPW/ (National Good Neighbor day), www.usaweekend.com (make a difference day), www.nfpa.org/FPW/ (fire prev

Teacher manual, audio/visual resources, word walls, graphic organizers, fiction and non-fiction tradebooks, photographs


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Acquisition Lesson:

Extending Thinking Lesson:

Vocabulary Report

  • absolute power -
  • enforce -
  • police -
  • paramedics -
  • ambulance -
  • fire -
  • school employees -
  • civic leaders -
  • public servants -
  • emergency -
  • aid -
  • EMS -
  • 911 -