3. Student Learning Map

  • Topic:Unit 2 - Main Idea/Long Vowels/Beginning Language Elements
  • Subject(s):
  • Days:40
  • Grade(s):
Key Learning:  Students understand how to read and write in a way that extends their knowledge off all types of stories to write in a way that is more detailed and creative. 

Unit Essential Question(s):
How do I become an author? 
Concept: Understanding what authors write (Reading)
Concept: Writing words like an author (Phonics)
Concept: Writing and speaking like an author (Grammar/Writing)
Additional Information:

 As each unit progresses please remember to review all concepts taught in unit one. This will build upon prior knowledge to extend their phonemic awareness, grammar, reading, and writing skills. Fluency should increase as the unit progresses. All concepts can be taught simultaneously as needed in the ELA block.. Your ELA block should contain 1 concept from each component  each day - Reading, Phonics, Language Arts. All lesson essential questions should be taught within the 40 day allotment. 


Vocabulary Report

  • illustrate -
  • vowel team -
  • noun -
  • heading -
  • long vowel -
  • proper noun -
  • table of contents -
  • common noun -
  • multi-syllable -
  • possessive noun -
  • silent e -
  • author's purpose -
  • point of view -
  • pronoun -
  • verb -
  • adjective -
  • asking sentence -