5. Acquisition Lesson 6

Plan for the Concept, Topic, or Skill -- Not for the Day

Lesson Essential Question:
1.How do I construct and analyze a box and whisker plot?

What do students need to learn to be able to answer the Essential Question?

Assessment Prompt 1: What is a box and whisker plot?
Assessment Prompt 2: How do I construct a box and whisker plot?
Assessment Prompt 3: How do I analyze a box and whisker plot?
Activating Strategy:
 To introduce the concept of box and whisker plots, ask students to describe situations in which the median was used to describe it. Draw a narrow box on the board and then extend a long line from each end of the box to introduce the name of box and whisker plot.
Key vocabulary to preview:
 Box-and-Whisker Plot, First Quartile, Second Quartile(median), Third Quartile, Lower Extreme, Upper Extreme

Teaching Strategies

Graphic Organizer:
 Box and Whisker Plot Organizer -http://mysite.cherokee.k12.ga.us/personal/carrie_kingsley/site/Lists/Class%201%20Homework/Attachments/325/Box%20and%20Whisker%20GO.pdf*I would use this as a guide to make a blank one for students to follow along while going over powerpoint*
-Explain to students that you are going to show them another way to organize data, which is by creating a box-and-whisker plot or box plot. -Tell students that a box-and-whisker plot is a graph that displays data using the five number summary: Minimum Value or Lower Extreme,  1st Quartile, Median, 3rd Quartile, and the Maximum value or Upper Extreme.
AP 1: What is a box and whisker plot?

-To explain what each means and how they create the box and whisker plot, go through the following powerpoint with students. http://bcms.bryan.k12.ga.us/?PageName='Forms'&iSection='Teachers'&CorrespondingID='0' (You will need to scroll down and find box and whisker plot ppt and download it)-Have students fill out graphic organizer while you go through it-After you have taught students how to create a box and whisker plot, do one as a class. # 32 on page 869 (Carnegie Learning Book-Skills Practice) -Have students get with their collaborative partner and have the 1's tell the 2's what the 3 quartiles are how you find them. 2' s tell the teacher. Then 2's tell 1's what the lower and upper extremes are and 1's tell the teacher.
AP 2: How do I construct a box and whisker plot?

-Remind students that box-and-whisker plots allow us to analyze data.-Put the box-and-whisker plot used in number 2 on page 1126 (Carnegie Learning Book) on the board.-Go through and ask the students how the median is represented in the box plot, how are the quartiles represented, what does the box mean in the plot, how are the minimum and maximum values represented, and describe the whiskers in the box plot. (answers on page 1125)-Then tell students that box-and-whisker plots can also tell us if our data is symmetrical or skewed. -If most of the observations are concentrated on the low end of the scale, the distribution is skewed right; and vice versa. If a distribution is symmetric, the observations will be evenly split at the median.-have students do a ticket out the door explaining how to tell if a box plot is symmetric or skewed.
AP 3: How do I analyze a box and whisker plot?
Assignment and/or Assessment:
 AP 2: Fill out Graphic Organizer 

AP 1-3: http://illuminations.nctm.org/LessonDetail.aspx?ID=L737
Summarizing Strategy:
 AP 2: Numbered headsAP 3:Ticket Out the Door
Time (in days):