3. Student Learning Map

  • Topic:Proportional relationships, lines, and linear equations
  • Subject(s):
  • Days:25
  • Grade(s):
Key Learning:  I can apply and graph proportional relationships to real world problems
Unit Essential Question(s):

What is the relationship among unit rate, slope, and constant rate of change of proportional linear relationship in the real world? 

Concept:  Slope/ Rate of Change
Concept: Proportional relationships
Concept: Slope-Intercept Form
Lesson Essential Question(s):

How do you find the rate of change? (A)
What is slope and how do you find it? (A)
How do you use slope to find a constant rate of change?  (A)
Lesson Essential Question(s):

How do you identify a proportional relationship in tables and graphs?  (A)
How can you describe a proportional relatioship using an equation?  (A)
How do you determine congruence and similarity?  (A)
Lesson Essential Question(s):

How do you determine the slope and y-Intercept of a line?  (A)
How do you graph a line from slope-intercept form?  (A)
How do you write a linear equation from a graph in slope-intercept form?  (A)
How do I write a Linear equation in slope-intercept form?   (A)
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Vocabulary Report

  • slope -
  • Proportion -
  • Slope-Intercept Form -
  • rate of change -
  • Congruence -
  • X-Intercept -
  • Similarity -
  • Y-Intercept -
  • Corresponding parts -