3. Student Learning Map

  • Topic:Time Period: 1930-1960 Depression to Cold War
  • Subject(s):English Language Arts
  • Days:12
  • Grade(s):11
Key Learning:

 Literature is a reflection of the life and times of the people living from the Depression through the Cold War. (1930-1960)

Unit Essential Question(s):
How does literature reflect the historical, social, and cultural forces from the Depression through the Cold War? (1930-1960)
Concept: Return to Regionalism
Concept: Life in the City
Concept: The United States and the World
Lesson Essential Question(s):

Why was the return to Regionalism in literature a reflection of this time period?  (A)
How did the literary elements of Regionalism show the life and times of people from 1930-1960?  (A)
Lesson Essential Question(s):

How did literature from rural areas differ from that of urban areas?  (A)
Lesson Essential Question(s):

Why is it important to use literature as a way to retell stories of hardship during this time?  (A)
How did American literature reflect world events taking place during this time?  (A)
Additional Information:


Teachers choose the theme for each unit, i.e., courage, relationships, change. Please refer to semester long maps. (Attached Documents can be used for extra information organized according to genre as needed.)

Vocabulary Report

  • stock market crash -
  • Holocaust -
  • urban -
  • rural -
  • Great Depression -
  • nuclear warfare -
  • Dust Bowl -
  • Korean War -
  • Southern Gothic -
  • Salem Witch Trials -
  • lynching -