3. Student Learning Map

  • Topic:1- Basic Facts
  • Subject(s):Math
  • Days:18
  • Grade(s):2
Key Learning:

Recalling basic addition and related subtraction facts will help us solve real-world problems.   (Course Code: 5012040)

Unit Essential Question(s):

How do I use basic facts (addition and subtraction) to solve problems?


Basic Addition and Subtraction Facts


Fact Families


Problem Solving

Lesson Essential Question(s):

How can I use fluency of basic addition and subtraction facts to solve real-world problems? (facts 0-12)


How can I use cue words to set up and solve addition and subtraction word problems?

Lesson Essential Question(s):

What is the relationship between addition and subtraction? (inverse operation)


What strategies can I use when determining the accuracy of addition and subtraction problems? (constructing support with justification)

Lesson Essential Question(s):

How do I use repeated addition to solve real world problems? (i.e. 4+4+4+4=16; addends no greater than 10)


How can I show counting groups of numbers to 100? (2's, 5's, 10's)

Additional Information:

United Streaming Video; Manipulative;NCTM Process Standards (located in Public Folders)

The connection to writing includes answering the extended thinking questions.  Additionally, the FCIM math mini-lessons have a daily summarization prompt that is to be answered through writing.
Student and Teacher Edition pages:121-124, 125-128, 129-132, 133-135,137-140, 141-144, 153-156
Additional Teacher Edition pages: 129B,137B, 141B, 153B
Student and Teacher Edition pages:137-140, 141-144, 464, 465
Additional Teacher Edition pages: 137B,141B
Student and Teacher Edition pages:145-148, 509-512, 364
Additional Teacher Edition pages: 145B,509B
Student and Teacher Edition pages:25-28, 33-36, 29-32
Additional Teacher Edition pages: 25B,33B


Vocabulary Report

  • addition -

    To combine two or more values to make a larger value

  • repeated addition -

    Adding the same value over and over; 4+4+4

  • operations -

    Way to solve math problems (+, -, x, ÷)

  • fact families -

    A group of related facts using the set of numbers

  • skip counting -

    Counting forwards or backwards in multiples of a given number

  • subtraction -

    Taking one value away from another

  • mental math -

    Strategies for solving without paper

  • sum -

    The result of adding two or more values

  • difference -

    The result of subtracting one value from another

  • altogether -

    Another word for sum

  • in all -

    Another word for sum

  • equals -

    Exactly the same value

  • addition sentence -

    An equation using addition

  • subtraction sentence -

    An equation using subtraction

  • inverse -

    The opposite of