3. Student Learning Map

  • Topic:Spreadsheets
  • Subject(s):Vocations
  • Days:16
  • Grade(s):8
Key Learning: Spreadsheet Program/Excel
Unit Essential Question(s):
How are Spreadsheets useful in Business?
Concept: Create a Spreadsheet
Concept: Formulas and Functions
Lesson Essential Question(s):

What items are needed to create a Spreadsheet? (A)
How do you apply formatting when printing a spreadsheet? (ET)
Lesson Essential Question(s):

How are formulas written in Spreadsheets? (A)
Lesson Essential Question(s):
Additional Information:

LA.A.1.3, LA.A.2.3, LA.C.1.3, LA.C.2.3, MA.A.1.3, MA.A.3.3, MA.A.4.3.3 Spreadsheet Software/Excel Computers LCD/Projector Samples Handouts


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Acquisition Lesson:

Extending Thinking Lesson:

Vocabulary Report

  • Spreadsheet Software Workbook Worksheet Cells Columns Active Cell Cell Name Cell Address Formula Functions Labels Values Range of Cells Rows AutoFill CellReference Formula Bar Sheet Tabs Charts:Pie -
  • Symbols: -
  • Bar and Line Scoll Bars Equals Sign Print review -
  • Addition/Sum -
  • Subtraction -
  • Division -
  • Multiplication -
  • Average -
  • Count -
  • Minimum -
  • Maximum -
  • Order of operations -
  • AutoFunctions -