3. Student Learning Map

  • Topic:4- Money
  • Subject(s):Math
  • Days:17
  • Grade(s):2
Key Learning:

There are many ways to represent the same amount of money.

Unit Essential Question(s):

How is counting money useful in real life?


Counting Coins


Counting Bills

Lesson Essential Question(s):

How do I identify coins and determine their value?


What is the relationship between counting coins and place value?


How do I compare and order sets of coins?


How do I show the same amount of money using different amounts of coins up to one dollar?

Lesson Essential Question(s):

How do I use addition and subtraction to make change?


How do I show the same amount of money using different amounts of bills up to one hundred dollars?


What strategies can I use when determining the correct amount of change when using addition and subtraction?

(constructing support with justification; i.e. I bought a pencil for .00, an eraser for $.50, and a marker for $.25. If I have a .00 bill, a .00 bill, and a .00 bill which bill would be the logical payment choice? What will my change be for the payment choice?)

Lesson Essential Question(s):
Additional Information:

  • Scott Foresman Chapter 3 Section C
  • Money Bait
  • United Streaming Videos
  • manipulatives

    NCTM Process Standards (located in Public Folders)

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    Acquisition Lesson:

    Extending Thinking Lesson:

    Vocabulary Report

    • penny -

      One cent coin

    • change -

      Amount left over

    • nickel -

      Five cent coin

    • greatest value -

      Largest amount

    • least value -

      Smallest amount

    • dime -

      Ten cent coin

    • quarter -

      Twenty-five cent coin

    • half dollar -

      Fifty cent coin

    • dollar -

      Representation of money (coin or bill)

    • bills -

      Paper representation of money- Use pictures to represent

    • dollar sign -


    • cent -

      Smallest money value

    • decimal point -

      A point/dot used to separate the whole number from the fractional part of a number

    • amount -

      How much something is worth

    • coins -

      Representations of money- Use picture to represent