3. Student Learning Map

  • Topic:Unit 4-The Rise of American Business, Industry, and Labor (1865-1920)
  • Subject(s):Social Studies
  • Days:6
  • Grade(s):11
Key Learning:

As the West is settled and big business grows the nation undergoes social, economic, and political changes.

Unit Essential Question(s):

How does the settling of the West and growth of big business change the nation socially, economically, and politically?


Changes on the Western Frontier


The Industrial Age


Immigration and Urbanization

Lesson Essential Question(s):

How did technology and the rise of industry impact farmers?

What solutions did the Populist party offer?

How did the Interstate Commerce Act change the government's role in the economy?

How did the government deal with Native Americans in the West?

Lesson Essential Question(s):

Why were railroads essential to the nation's development?

What influence did big business have politically and socially at the time?

How did the govenment try to control big business?

Why did labor unions have little influence before 1915?

Lesson Essential Question(s):

How did Americans react to the changing immigration patterns?

What obstacles did immigrants face in their new country?

What were the challenges of rapid urbanization?

What role did political machines play in urban government corruption?

Additional Information:


Vocabulary Report

  • Dawes Act Homestead Act grange bimetalism -
  • transcontinental railroad Munn v. Illinois social darwinism Sherman Anti-trust Act Robber Barrons Captains of Industry -
  • Ellis Ilsnad Angel Island Melting Pot Salad Bowl Theory assimilation cultural pluralism nativism -
  • tenament graft civil service -