3. Student Learning Map

  • Topic:08 - Slopes and Equations of Lines
  • Subject(s):Math
  • Days:5
  • Grade(s):10
Key Learning:

Students will learn the concepts of slope and of a linear equation.

Unit Essential Question(s):

Why is a vertical line slope undefined?


slope of a line

Concept: equation of a line
Concept: midpoint of a line segment
Lesson Essential Question(s):

what do a line and the negative reciprocal of the slope of the given form when graphed together?

Lesson Essential Question(s):

what form do we use to write the equation of a line?

Lesson Essential Question(s):

can a line segment have more than one midpoint?

Concept: slopes of perpendicular lines
Concept: coordinate proofs
Concept: concurrence of the altitudes of a triangle
Lesson Essential Question(s):

can a line have more than one line perpendicular to it? explain..........

Lesson Essential Question(s):

how can we prove that two lines are parallel?

Lesson Essential Question(s):

are altitudes of a triangle always concurrent?

Additional Information:


Vocabulary Report

  • line segment, midpoint, bisect -
  • slope, y-intercept -
  • parallel, perpendicular, proof, postulate -
  • perpendicular, parallel -
  • slope, y-int -
  • altitude, perpendicular, obtuse -