3. Student Learning Map

  • Topic:Algebra- Patterns
  • Subject(s):Math
  • Days:6
  • Grade(s):5
Key Learning: A pattern of change can be described through a function. A variable represents an unknown that will change in different settings.
Unit Essential Question(s):
When is it appropriate to write an expression? What is a pattern? How do we find patterns? How do we show patterns?
Concept: Patterns
Concept: Ratios
Lesson Essential Question(s):

What strategies can we use to solve patterns? (ET)
Lesson Essential Question(s):

How do we know when to use ratios? (A)
In the real world how do you solve problems using proportions? (A)
Lesson Essential Question(s):
Additional Information:

pattern blocks


Vocabulary Report

  • algebra -
  • ratio -
  • algebraic expression -
  • data -
  • algebraic pattern -
  • proportion -
  • rate -
  • evaluate -
  • geometric pattern -
  • extend a pattern -