3. Student Learning Map

  • Topic:(01) Place Value Concepts
  • Subject(s):Math
  • Days:17
  • Grade(s):4
Key Learning: The value of a number is determined by its position. The same number can be shown in many different ways.
Unit Essential Question(s):
Why is understanding the value of a digit important?
Concept: Number Values
Concept: Estimation
Concept: Comparison
Lesson Essential Question(s):

How can I use standard, word, and expanded form to represent numbers through millions? (Chap. 1)


How can I read, write, and name decimals to the hundredths place? ( Lesson 26.1)


How can I determine the value of a digit? (Lessons 1.1, 1.2. 1.3, pages 14&15)

Lesson Essential Question(s):

How do I use estimation in problem solving? (Lessons 3.2, 3.6)


How can I estimate whole numbers to the greatest place value? (Lesson 3.2)

Lesson Essential Question(s):

How can I use place value to compare and order whole numbers through the millions? (Lessons 2.1-2.4) (A)


How can I compare and order decimals? (Lessons 26.3, 26.5) (A)

Additional Information:

Harcourt Math lessons 1.1-1.4,2.1-2.4, 26.3, 26.5. Suggested Materials: Everyday Math Games ( High Number Toss, Number Top-It (7 digit #s), Calculator 10,000, Subtraction Target Practice, Subtraction Top-It),place value charts, base ten blocks, Fast Track to FCAT pages 1, 2, 4, 6, Pasco Mathematics Performance Tasks


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Acquisition Lesson:

Extending Thinking Lesson:

Vocabulary Report

  • millions -
  • estimate -
  • greater than -
  • tenths -
  • less than -
  • rounding -
  • equal -
  • benchmark numbers -
  • hundredths -
  • decimal -
  • equivalent forms of a number -
  • inequality -
  • equivalent forms of a number -